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Getting Started


There are a number of text files that are located in the Streatham Hill Stories folder that can be edited.

1. SAFEMODE.txt = this is set to "0" by default but should be changed to either "1" or "2" if the game crashes for you

2. PlayerName.txt= in here you can set your online name, this will be displayed to everyone when you join a game or are killed.

3. Controller.txt = If you want to use a controller, "1" is for a normal generic gamepad, "3" is for an Xbox 360 controller, or "0" if you want to disable the controller

4. DisplayConfig.txt= this is used to specify your screen resolution. By default it is set to 720p but can be changed to any resolution you want.

For example if you want to set 1080p resolution;

First number (horizontal) is 1920

Second number (vertical) is 1080

Third number is bits (don't change this)

Forth number is "0" for windowed, or "1" for full screen


More setting are in the game menu





Starting a game

Clicking start game either Single Player or Multiplayer is preselected, this is determined by the launch option you selected in Steam, and this cannot be changed at the menu screen.

Selecting the Multiplayer menu loads the game, in the background the weather file is updated automatically to give live weather in Streatham! If Windows or firewall software asks for permission to use the internet please select ALLOW. If there is a successful connection to the server a Character select screen is displayed, here you can select either a Pedestrian, an Aircraft or even a bird!

There is currently only one game mode available, this is "Free-for-All" with 10 minute death matches. At the end of the 10 minutes a summary screen is displayed showing the stats of the match. More game modes will be available at a later date.

IMPORTANT: when leaving a multiplayer game please press "p" if using the keyboard or the pause/select buttons when using the gamepad to select quit game. Pressing the ESC key will close your game unexpectedly and leave your player lingering on the server.

Selecting the Single Player option will start of with a cut scene then you will find a blue arrow appear on the road you start on, go towards the arrow to start the mission. There are currently only 3 missions on this release. Each mission will unlock a feature of the game. The game autosaves the last mission you completed, if you want to start the game again, click the pause menu then click "Start new game"

1. Bullseye - Unlocks gun

2. Get that phone - Unlocks mobile phone and extra weapons

3. Scratchless - Unlocks the Audi R8


A flat/ apartment can also be purchased for £3000



Option Menu

Currently only the display settings are saved after exiting the game, you will have to set any other setting each time you load the game.

Draw Distance: This is set to the medium value by default. This is the biggest factor of performance as it tells the computer how much things should be displayed at once, set this to low if your performance is low or set it to high if you have a powerful computer. This can also be fine-tuned in real-time during the game by pressing the "ins" key to decrease or the "del" key to increase the draw distance.

Frame Limiter: By default the frame rate is set to 60fps max, You can turn on frame limiter to 30fps if you notice weird behavior with the cars or pedestrians .

Visual FX Quality:

Medium: 1024 sized textures (all panels and textured will be shrunk to 1024x1024), Shadows enabled but basic, Object and View distance medium range and Tree animation/lens flare/Bloom effect enabled

Low: 256x256 sized textures, Shadows disabled, Object/View distance extremely low. Tree animation/lens flare/bloom disabled

High: Unlimited textures (4096), Smooth accelerated shadows, Object/View distance extremely high. All effects enabled

Mip Mapping: On/Off On: blurs far away surfaces to reduce aliasing effects

Anti-Aliasing: On/Off On: Increases the quality of the scene by blurring the edges of polygons as they are rendered, makes them to appear smoother and gives the impression of a higher video resolution.

Resolution: 1280x1024 up to 1920x1080. ANY RESOLUTION UP TO 4K (3840x2160) can be set manually in the DisplayConfig.txt





Up/Down: walk (Accelerate/brake if using vehicle/ tilt if using aircraft)

Left/Right: Pan

Space: Jump

CTRL: Shoot

ALT: Aim

SHIFT: Sprint/Nitro (fly if using aircraft)

ENTER: Enter Vehicle

X: Exit vehicle

R: Radio Stations

M: Mobile enable/disable

1: Weapon select

P: Pause

B: Bloom effect on/off

INS/DEL: View distance

C: Free Camera (I forward/ K back/ J left/ L right/ U up/ O down)



Right-click: Aim

Left-click: Shoot





Xbox Controller: (set "3" in controller.txt)

X: Jump/ Exit vehicle

A:  Sprint (Accelerate if using vehicle/ fly is using aircraft)

B: Shoot

Y: Enter Vehicle

LB: Mobile enable/disable

RB: Aim (Radio station if using vehicle)

Start: Pause

Left stick: Move

Right stick: Pan



Standard Controller: (set "1" in controller.txt)

Joy 4: Jump (reverse if using vehicle)

Joy 3:  Sprint (Accelerate if using vehicle/ fly is using aircraft)

Joy 2: Shoot

Joy 1: Enter/ Exit Vehicle

L1: Mobile enable/disable

R1: Aim

Select: Radio station

Start: Pause

Left stick: Move/Pan

Right stick: N/A






FAQ/ Error messages

Game crashes on startup = Your PC likely does not meet the minimum specs:

Dual-Core 3.0 Ghz/ 8GB RAM/ DX9 compatible Video card (512MB)

Player disappears in multiplayer = The server will remove you if it doesn’t detect any action in 120 seconds

I can't hear any sounds= Make sure you have an OGG codec installed (available on website)


Items are not being displayed correctly= you may be using a resolution not supported

Supported resolutions= 1280x720/1366x768/1440x900/1920x1080/3840x2160


Clock/Money font looks basic= Install the correct fonts, available on the website


Camera spinning by itself= If you are using a digital pad make sure you have "1" in the Controller.txt file and if you are using an Xbox controller make sure you have "3" in Controller.txt


Game crashes with "bad model format"  or quits unexpectedly = you don't have enough memory, open the "SAFEMODE.txt" file and change the "0" to "1", if you get that message in-game too then change the "1" to "2"